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Starkey, one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, are leading the industry by reinventing the hearing aid with the launch of Evolv AI in Australia.

Starkey’s devices provide an unprecedented level of sound quality which they combine with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide further health benefits. The new Evolv AI range is “the most advanced line of hearing technology that we’ve ever seen in the industry,” says Dawn Rollings, Managing Director at Starkey Australia.

“There are new product styles, so we now have a complete hearing aid family to suit all hearing needs and types of loss,” she says of the options that range from being custom crafted that are worn in the ear canal (with one option being so small it is virtually invisible), to more powerful products suitable for those with more severe hearing losses.

Using ground-breaking technology Starkey creates an “effortless” experience for the hearing aid wearer, as speech audibility and intelligibility increases, which reduces listening effort and associated fatigue.

Hearing loss is more prevalent than some other serious health conditions and can have physical, social and mental health consequences if left untreated. People can be at a greater risk of a fall; they may retreat socially if daily conversations become too difficult and that disconnection can lead to loneliness and isolation

Starkey’s hearing aids, which use direct to smartphone wireless connectivity, have features that assist in all these areas. The company conducted qualitative research through Kantar late in 2021, which found features such as their Edge Mode feature, where simply tapping the device can change sound quality settings; Fall Detection & Alerts, where loved ones can be notified if the embedded sensors detect a fall; and the convenience of connectivity were important. “It means we are providing what hearing aid wearers need and find most useful,” Rollings says.

The Evolv AI range’s impressive list of features includes the new 2-Way Audio, allowing for hands-free phone chats using selected devices. They’ve got rechargeable options; can stream music; set reminders; and translate almost 30 languages in real time. The hearing aids can also track physical activity and social engagement,

creating a daily wellness score which encourages better physical and cognitive health.

The Evolv AI range is “giving people with hearing loss an effortless hearing experience,” which makes life a lot better overall for their wearers. “That’s the whole premise of why we’re in the business, to make people hear better and live better,” says Rollings.