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Accreditation is a key component of the aged care regulatory environment and as such achieving accreditation is vitally important in the operation of an aged care facility.

Installing the Roger Dynamic SoundField system can assist you in meeting your accreditation goals, particularly:

  • 2.16 Sensory loss 
  • 3.5 Independence 
  • 3.6 Privacy and dignity 
  • 3.7 Leisure interests and activities 
  • 4.4 Living environment

Did you know?

One in six Australians experience some degree of hearing loss, with this figure expected to increase to one in four by 2050 (Deloitte Access Economics, 2017). In aged care facilities, the incidence of hearing loss among the residents is likely to be around 70 – 90 per cent (Cohen-Mansfield, 2004).

In a 2017 report, mid-life hearing loss was named as the greatest single modifiable risk factor to reduce the risk of dementia (Livingston et al, 2017). We also know that poorly managed or untreated hearing loss may lead to social isolation and depression in older Australians (Dawes, 2015).

We understand that in an aged care facility environment it is very challenging to support those with a hearing impairment. Residents are not always able to manage their own devices, batteries go flat, and hearing aids get lost or need to be sent away for repair.

How can we help?

The Roger Dynamic SoundField can provide invaluable hearing support for residents with or without hearing aids within an aged care environment. The system’s amplification ensures that the speaker’s voice is appropriately amplified enabling the speaker to gain a resident’s attention with more ease. Strain on the speaker’s voice is reduced significantly.

For group activities:

The Roger Dynamic SoundField can be set up in the dining room, recreation room and chapel. The presenter’s voice is transmitted wirelessly from the touchscreen microphone to the Roger DigiMaster speaker which amplifies evenly throughout the entire room. This efficiently overcomes the impact of distance between the speaker and listener and improves the signal to noise ratio significantly for the listener.

For one-on-one discussions

The presenter’s voice is transmitted wirelessly from the touchscreen microphone transmitter to the Roger NeckLoop receiver. The resident can pick up the signal by wearing the NeckLoop with their telecoil enabled hearing aids or by using headphones.

Roger Dynamic SoundField can be particularly beneficial for those with mild or moderate hearing impairment, those whose hearing aids have been sent away for repair, and those who cannot manage hearing aids.

Please contact us if we can provide you with any further information or if you would like a demonstration of how the equipment can help in your aged care facility.

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