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Plenacura embraces next generation thinking to meet the future health care challenges we all face, yet combines seamlessly with the needs of those who require the extra support and assistance provided by an aged care facility.

Using Australian techniques and companies, this easily implementable software and durable hardware means Plenacura can now provide everyone, from those with disabilities, to the elderly, with a sense of freedom and the ability to live independently and securely, within a structured care environment.

Plenacura’s world-first model has achieved the goal of a simple-to-use tablet device, medical monitoring device and personal wearable that offers security, social connectivity, and health and wellness benefits for individuals of all ages.

Plenacura Tablet

Our centerpiece, the Plenacura Tablet, is the hub of the entire system. All vital information is gathered from the Wearable Device and the Arm Monitor. The tablet is connected to our Plenacura Cloud Service, ensuring all information and data remain securely within our Australian-based servers. The tablet also acts as a telehealth device providing real-time testing and video consulting to a medical provider where all health data is stored for a better-informed treatment plan.

Personal secure library

The Plenacura Tablet has a Digital Asset Library that allows storage for your medical history, reference notes, general notes and has a handy calendar for all-important dates.

And, as medication can be difficult to track, electronic pillboxes can also be linked to the Plenacura Tablet to ensure the correct medication is delivered on time.

Keep in touch

While residing at a care facility, maintaining contact with friends and family can be a challenge at times, especially in today’s busy world. The Plenacura Tablet Device has a built-in social media platform to help you keep in touch with your social network.

So, whether you want to share a special moment or simply chat with friends and family, your social contact is maintained, even if you can’t be face-to-face with those you care most about.

Wearable watch

The Plenacura watch is a wearable device on the Telstra 4G network with 2-way communication through the wearable that can be used by individuals to support independent living within their own home, retirement living complex or an aged care environment.

Live monitoring means relevant or vital medical information can be supplied to staff or our 24/7 care centre based in Australia correctly and quickly in an emergency. The SOS function and geo/virtual fencing can be used in an emergency, allowing for peace of mind both for you and your family.

When used in conjunction with the Plenacura Arm Monitor, your health care provider can receive live data on body temperature, blood pressure, blood oxygenation, heart rate and, if required, blood sugar levels that can enable efficient treatment options.

Plenacura arm monitor

Plenacura’s completely automated medical arm cuff measures blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature glucose and pulse rate and sends readings to a Plenacura Tablet that can provide base monitoring data or be provided to medical teams or first responders.

Much like the wearable watch, live monitoring through the Plenacura Tablet means relevant or vital medical information can be supplied correctly and quickly in an emergency.

Plenacura provides a complete service that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each service provided is made of Plenacura modules. Upon activation of a module, you will get the added functionality of the Plenacura service tailored to your lifestyle and needs.

Plenacura — changing the face of care.