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The Welcare PureAir range of air purifiers harnesses the latest in HEPA (H13) filtration, UV light and photocatalyst technology to provide clean, pure air.

Welcare devices are ideal for those who have pets, suffer from allergies, bushfire or pollution prone areas, or simply whoever is looking to achieve a fresh, clean and healthy environment.

One of the key points to consider in the operation of an air purifier is the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) – the numerical value which indicates the quantity of particles to be removed from the air. Essentially, a CADR rating indicates how fast the air purifier can clean the air within a particular size room by cubic metre per hour (cm/h). For example, an air purifier with CADR rating of 300 cm/h will clean a room of 300 square metres much faster than an air purifier with CADR rating of only 200 cm/h.

A CADR measurement is usually evaluated for pollen, smoke, and dust; these three pollutants are not only small in size but also the most unwanted particles in the air.

Smoke particles are ultra-fine particles, with the defined particle size ranges from 0.1 to 0.3 microns; dust particles are common particles, ranging in size from 0.5 to 3 microns; and pollen particles are the largest of the three, usually seen with the naked eye and ranging anywhere between 5 to 11 microns.

The Welcare PureAir Household Air Purifier has a CADR rating of 310m³/hr and harnesses the power of a 6 Stage Air Purification System including HEPA (H13) filter, UV light and photocatalyst technology for comprehensive air purification. These devices kill airborne viruses such as Influenza (99.99 per cent), and remove dust, mould, bacteria, and other pollutants.

  1. Pre-Filter – Uses a micron mesh filter, which blocks 2.5mm particle matter higher than 99.9 per cent. Air can be cleaned effectively, preventing contaminants such as dirt, hair, pet fur, dander, and course dust from entering the air purifier. The pre-filter protects all the filters and prolongs their life. 
  2. HEPA (H13) Filter – The rate of removing 99.9 per cent of minor particles as small as 0.3 microns in diameter from the air, preventing the spread of allergens and bacteria such as pollen, smog, and germs. 
  3. Activated Carbon Filter – Used to remove common household contaminants such as odours, second-hand smoke, and gas pollutants. 
  4. Photocatalyst Filter – Uses ultraviolet light to remove chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, xylene, ammonia, TVOC and other pollutants. 
  5. Ionizer (Anion Generator) – Produces large amounts of negative ions (or anions) to remove airborne pollutants from the air, eliminating odours with strong absorption. The negative ions (or anions) will make bacteria lose their activity, rendering them harmless.
  6. UV Lights – Combined with photocatalyst filter, UV light creates a highly effective sterilisation system which kills a variety of common viruses (including influenza), bacteria and germs.

Prioritise the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff, residents, and their family by placing a Welcare PureAir Air Purifier in your care facility to help reduce the transmission of airborne contaminants.