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Leef Independent Living Solutions take pride in helping people to discover what’s possible. We focus every day on bringing our passion for customer care and finding solutions to help ensure that everyone can live their lives on their own terms and in their own right.

Supported by an incredibly experienced and enthusiastic team, Leef has a passionate approach to creating an inclusive community in which people living with a disability are valued and empowered to live as independently as they wish.

We are continually searching for new solution to enhance the daily experience of both those being cared for, as well as the carers themselves.


The Tovertafel is a complete interactive games system designed for people living with dementia, or with intellectual disabilities. A fascinating innovation that projects moving images onto a surface and allows the users to interact with them, including a growing range of games and activities for everyone to enjoy.

Based on extensive scientific research, the Tovertafel has been proven to improve the quality of life of players and the quality of care that carers can provide. Through stimulating social interaction, movement and cognitive exercise, the Tovertafel gives true meaning to “purposeful” play. Each game is designed to engage participants at their level, with no specific language or skills needed, no right or wrong, and a suitable pace of movement with predictable outcomes creating a positive sense of accomplishment.

The Tovertafel brings staff, residents – and more often the not the visitors and family as well – together in such a positive way, with people engaging at their own level. With eight or more people able to play simultaneously, the Tovertafel provides activity for many residents at the one time, providing social, physical, and cognitive benefits.

Social benefits

Patients become more aware of those around them – carers, other residents, and family. Participants laugh, reminisce, and discuss what they are experiencing and seeing, and competitive spirits resurface as turn taking and awareness of others is noted, often unexpectedly.

Physical benefits

The structured play provides “incidental” exercise improving leg strength, trunk stability, weight transfer and reach, as well as promoting deeper breathing. People readily play Tovertafel for extended periods beyond what they would tolerate of an exercise or “walking” program aiming to maintain independent mobility, or upper limb movement and coordination.

Cognitive benefits

With participants engaging at their own level, the games use aspects of planning, sequencing, old memories – counting, singing, tunes, sounds and pictures stimulating reminiscence and storytelling – and residents and carers find out things about each other stimulating connection and positive interaction.


This unique sensory stimulation tool is designed to encourage movement, evoke memories, and provides adaptable music with a feeling of soft vibrations, all of which are proven to provide therapy to those living with dementia.

An abbreviation of Interactive Music, both the inmuDANCE and inmuRELAX use artificial intelligence software to compose music in real time. The music changes as you touch, stroke, and move the inmu. The notable difference between the inmuDANCE and inmuRELAX models are the music created and textures of the cover.

Leef exclusively distribute an expanding range of interactive technologies including the Tovertafel, the Ageless Innovations interactive COMPANION PETS, as well as the inmuRELAX & inmuDANCE Music Therapy and Sensory Stimulation Cushions.