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Food equipment leader J.L.Lennard is introducing a new combi oven to make aged care cooking simple and energy-efficient, whilst retaining maximum vitamins, nutrients and flavours.

The new Vision Blue is the most advanced in the Retigo range of combi ovens, and is able to be controlled via an intuitive and reactive touch screen that operates even with greasy hands or through gloves.

The range features six models with varying capacities that can create from 30 to 900 meals per day, so suit a broad range of aged care facilities from smaller homes to those with a large number of residents.

“The Retigo Vision Blue is highly flexible and customisable to each chef’s needs. It’s quite capable of making breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and can cook multiple different meals at the same time, even if they have varying cooking times,” says J.L.Lennard product specialist, Darren Cooper.

The Australian Royal Commission into Age Well Quality and Safety highlighted the importance of food nutrition to the overall wellbeing of senior Australians. As a result, the Government introduced new measures and funding to increase the quality and nutrition of food in aged care facilities.

“A major advantage of the Retigo Vision Blue is that its fine mist steam prevents raining in the cook chamber, which would pool on food and crush delicate items,” explains Cooper.

“Instead, the advanced Retigo Vision steam generation system ensures great colour, taste, and consistency of prepared meals, while retaining maximum vitamins and nutrients,” he said.


The Retigo Vision Blue’s unique steam generator utilises pre-heated water injected into a centrifuge at the back of the fan to generate a fine steam mist with accurate control, saving up to 30% water consumption compared to alternative ovens used in the aged care sector.

Additionally, the oven is insulated with triple glazed door to lower heat transmission, which results in a cooler workplace and lower energy consumption. The Retigo’s unique automatic cleaning system provides optimum cleanliness while minimising water consumption, and saving money on detergents.


The Retigo Vision Blue features a crosswise tray orientation for better visual control and more ergonomic removal of pans and trays.

“Everything about these ovens has been designed for a smooth and comfortable kitchen experience. The handle shape, for example, makes sure the door is easy to use and maintain. It even uses silver ions woven into the handle to reduce bacteria and minimises hygiene risks,” says Cooper.

Service Support

Retigo is represented by J.L.Lennard Australia-wide, which means these new ovens will have the full service and backing of the family-owned J.L.Lennard company, which has 144 years of history, and prides itself on exceptional customer service.

“Not only are these machines manufactured to the highest quality and hygiene standards, but J.L.Lennard has a nationwide network of service technicians, along with spare parts, to ensure all equipment it supplies continues to operate in peak condition,” says Cooper.

About J.L.Lennard

Founded in 1879, J.L.Lennard is a family-owned fully Australasian company that distributes many of the world’s leading processing and packaging machines for the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries; food equipment for fast food outlets, restaurants, supermarkets and hotels. The J.L.Lennard name has a long history in both Australia and New Zealand, where the company established an office in 1899.

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