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While kitchen staff can handle daily cleaning, regular deep cleaning is required by professionals to ensure your equipment is running at optimum efficiency. An outsourced certified cleaning company can save time, money and help your facility meet compliance requirements.

Outsourcing kitchen cleaning requirements allows kitchen staff to focus on more important activities to provide for your residents. Certified cleaning companies can perform a hygiene service quicker than your staff due to experience and proven processes, reducing time a piece of equipment may be out of action.

Equipment maintenance is important in reducing energy usage in a commercial kitchen. If this isn’t done regularly and thoroughly, equipment is likely working harder than it needs to be, which increases energy consumption and increases risk of equipment breakdown.

For example, refrigerator condenser coils become easily clogged with dirt, dust, mould, and other micro-organisms. Your cool room then must work harder to remain at food-safe temperatures. Not only is this costing your facility money on energy bills, but it can also have serious implications for food safety and health of your residents.

You need to ensure surfaces are clean and cleaning processes are effective. Biological contamination cannot be seen by the naked eye, so you need to verify that equipment and surfaces have been effectively disinfected. Certified cleaning companies should provide verification of services, and this is not something kitchen staff will easily be able to incorporate into their routine.

ATP monitoring is a popular verification method used throughout the medical, scientific, food and beverage industries as a standard benchmark for disinfection. ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) is a molecule found in all living organisms. Results return in seconds so validation can occur quickly and on site.

It is important to understand compliance requirements and ensure you are taking steps to meet them. ISO 22000 is a global standard for Food Safety Management Systems and is designed to enable organisations to control food safety hazards along the food chain. Using an outsourced ISO 22000 certified cleaning company ensures your facility will be ready in the event of a Food Safety Audit, and you’ll be provided with documentation to back it up.

How Jaymak ticks all the boxes: 

  • Founded in 1998, Jaymak is an industry leader and views Food Safety Management as an integral tool in managing any food service business. 
  • Jaymak provides services nationally in all states and many regional hubs. 
  • Jaymak offers ATP monitoring as validation of disinfection. 
  • Jaymak is the only company for specialised cleaning services in Australia with both ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications. 
  • A Certificate of Assurance is issued with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 compliance. This supports food safety plans and is easily supplied during a food safety audit. 
  • Based on independent testing, Jaymak services provide an estimated 19 percent energy saving.