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Polysafe Verona is designed to create a safe yet attractive interior, combining subtle pastel shades mixed with stronger accent hues and safety aggregates which are virtually invisible to the eye. Engineered to provide slip resistance which is sustainable and assured through the products guaranteed life, Polysafe Verona is made up of the ORIGINAL and PURE COLOURS collections.

Original Colours:

Designed to promote harmony and a sense of well-being, the ORIGINAL Polysafe Verona colour palette has been carefully developed. The collection of tonal colours allows design to meet function, contributing to the creation of soothing interior design schemes. Ideal for use within areas where there is risk of spillage, the ORIGINAL Polysafe Verona collection achieves a pendulum wet test result of 36+ (slider 96) which is sustainable throughout the product’s guaranteed life.

Pure Colours:

The Polysafe Verona PURE COLOURS collection features a contemporary decoration in a selection of tonal hues optimised for specification within dementia friendly design schemes. With a uniform appearance and matt surface finish the collection is perfectly suited for installation within a wide range of commercial and residential environments to ensure the underfoot safety of occupants. Additionally, the PURE COLOURS collection features enhanced sustainable slip resistance of 45+ (slider 96).

Use Areas:

Ideal for use in areas where contaminant spillages can occur, making slip resistance an important consideration. Typical areas include circulation areas and corridors, dining areas and cafes, classrooms, hospital wards, clinics, laundry and sluice rooms. nursing homes, washrooms, WCs, bar serveries, food preparation areas, kitchens, canteens and institutional applications.


  • Carborundum-free safety flooring with contemporary decoration​· 18 tonal hues optimised for specification within dementia friendly design schemes
  • Uniform appearance and matt surface finish
  • Reinforced with Polysafe PUR for optimum appearance retention
  • Sustainable wet slip resistance assured throughout the guaranteed life of the product
  • 2mm Gauge
  • 2m x 20m Roll Size
  • 18 Shades