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MPS Connect offers a total medication management solution that helps reduce preventable medications incidents in aged care homes.

While MPS Connect began as a medication packing house, the business has grown exponentially to incorporate a combination of offerings to all professionals involved in the aged care medication management loop.

Today, MPS Connect packs more than 3,600,000 pills per week and more than 1,010,562 packettes under the MPS Pak brand. MPS Pak packettes are clear pouches with perforated edges that can hold up to 10 medications at a time. They are individually labelled with the resident’s name, medication and dose information. High-tech machinery and low error rates ensure that residents are delivered the right medications safely and efficiently.

MPS Connect’s commitment to safety and reliability has a flow on effect to facilities. It offers peace of mind to facility managers, carers, residents and their families – knowing that every resident will receive the right medication at the right time. Additionally, MPS Pak is so convenient it helps reduce the amount of time it takes to administer medications, giving carers and nurses more time to spend with residents. More than 500 aged care homes Australia-wide trust MPS Pak with their residents’ medications.

MPS Connect has three TGA approved sites in three states allowing for packing to be moved from one site to another to mitigate risk to residents. Quality and safety are the highest priority to MPS Connect, and a minimum of four QA checks for each sachet/blister pack are conducted before being sent to the Pharmacy for another round of checks.

The MPS Connect system is regularly audited by the TGA. MPS Connect’s published error rate is one in 100,000, but regularly exceeds one in 400,000, which far exceeds referenced industry reports. With process constantly being refined and improved an error rate of one in one million will be exceeded in the next three years.

In continually striving to improve aged care medication management, MPS Connect considers all involved from every aspect. From GPs to pharmacists; facility managers to nurses and care staff, and most importantly the residents themselves.

In doing so, MPS Connect has created a software solution that seamlessly connects to MPS Pak. This new software – MPS Medica – is designed in conjunction with consulting clinicians and streamlines and improves processes every step of the way. This results in less medication errors and more time efficiencies.

MPS Medica is a total solution, connecting all those involved in medication management, creating an effective loop where everyone has visibility. This effective, time-saving software allows pharmacists to have a central record of their customers which tracks all their medications. In turn, MPS Medica gives aged care providers full visibility of the central record, for more accurate and reliable information about their resident’s medication requirements.

MPS Medica is currently in the federal government’s eNRMC trial, which will enable electronic prescriptions. This means there’s no need to phone, scan, email or fax prescriptions – everything is automatically generated through MPS Medica. The most tangible and positive benefit is the reduction of medication errors, but the system saves time and effort too. A real plus for aged care providers who aim to provide their residents with the best quality of care.

MPS Medica allows for accurate reporting and means that aged care facilities can easily report on anything that is tracked. This ensures compliancy, and as there are live dashboards, facilities have full visibility of their residents’ medications. It means that they can be more proactive to residents’ needs and respond accordingly.

An important part of the medication management process is family involvement, and as such MPS Connect is developing a family portal as part of the MPS Medica software solution. It gives family members of aged care residents full transparency of their loved ones’ medications, providing surety that they are in good hands and receiving the best of care.

Installing MPS Medica software is simple, and our customer care managers offer dedicated support, training and advice when implementing the system into any aged care home. Additionally, our support desk of clinicians offers assistance for clinicians when required.

At MPS Connect, we believe that providing Australia’s aged care residents the highest level of care is of vital importance. Helping to reduce preventable medications incidents while allowing facilities more time to provide care to their residents, is intrinsic to the delivery of that care.

MPS Pak and MPS Medica offer a connected, holistic solution that results in better outcomes for residents. And that remains our eternal aim. To work side by side with medication management professionals to continue delivering better health outcomes for aged care residents across the country.