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We know that keeping your staff and patients safe is important to you. Elumen provides a fully compliant emergency lighting management system called EMIoT so that you can rest assured your facility is meeting the latest fire safety standards. Quick to install and easy to maintain, all our emergency fittings test themselves unobtrusively so that you never have to worry about scheduling tests again.

Emergency lighting is a crucial safety feature that is used in buildings to provide lighting in the event of a power outage or other emergency situation. It is designed to either provide temporary lighting until power is restored, or guide people to the nearest exit in an emergency situation. Aged care facilities are required to schedule an electrician to test and maintain their emergency lighting every 6 months. This can be time consuming, expensive and disruptive to staff and patients.

Harnessing the latest technology in wireless mesh networking, Elumen’s EMIoT system eliminates the need to schedule and conduct manual tests. All EMIoT fittings will automatically run a rigorous set of fire safety compliant tests before uploading the results to our cloud service. This minimises the time electrical contractors need to spend onsite and reduces disturbance to staff and patients. Download test results and annual compliance certifications from anywhere, anytime. As a contractor friendly system, all Elumen products can also be manually drop tested by any licensed electrician so you’re never locked in to EMIoT. Save time, money and eliminate human error by choosing Elumen’s wireless monitoring system.

The EMIoT network and testing system uses a low-power mesh network technology, providing reliable wireless communications and testing functionality throughout the entire building. The mesh aspect of the network refers to the ability of the devices to communicate not only with a central hub or gateway, but also with each other, creating a network that can cover a large area and reliably support a large number of devices. All communications to the cloud are transmitted through our standalone gateway so we don’t require access to any existing IT infrastructure and you don’t need to maintain any onsite servers. Get started today with no cabling, test switches or additional hardware required.

Designed in Australia by a dedicated team of engineers, Elumen doesn’t compromise on quality. Elumen was established in 2011 and has continued to lead innovation and promote sustainability in the emergency lighting industry. In partnership with clients such as Bupa Age Well, Sydney Olympic Park Showground, JLL, CBRE, Lend Lease and hundreds of buildings across Australia, Elumen has built a reputation for reliability, care and trust. All Elumen networking fittings include a premium 5 year replacement warranty and a dedicated service team to help you set up and manage your facility.

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